Differentiate - How to Find, Use and Include in Marketing Plan Your Firm's Unique Qualities

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:20
The answer to running a successful marketing campaign is using your unique features, advantages and benefits - your differentiators - better than anyone else calling in your market. More importantly, the benefit must match your prospect's values. [More]

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How to get the Most Out of Interviewing and Integrating a New Sales Person

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:18
Whether interviewing a found talent or an open position candidate, a defined interview process will pay back dividends as opposed to treating each Interview as a chat with a stranger. [More]

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Timing of sale team staffing - A firm's first dedicated sales person

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:12
“Successfully recruiting a savvy sales staff...  ..relies on you not the candidate.”  Chasing that elusive next step in revenue generation ultimately leads to increasing feet on the street. You may be considering your first foray into managing a salesperson, or you may be moving to your third or fourth sales type, or maybe... [More]

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Recruit the Right Sales Skills and Implement the Right Sales Development Process

by Dave DeVelder 2. April 2012 07:10
First of three parts - Looking For Applicants

 Recruiting a savvy sales staff relies on you creating a corporate culture that makes business exciting, challenging and rewarding for employees. [More]

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