That’s How We’ve Always Done It…

by Paul Marrero 14. October 2014 16:19
In just about every organization I’ve worked at, or consulted with, I tend to hear this phrase when I ask the question “Why is it done this way?” [More]

How Process Excellence Can Help Your Organization Gain a Competitive Edge?

by Paul Marrero 12. July 2012 07:49
Process excellence, standardization and efficiency is a way to save money. Becoming leaner and more efficient will gain you a competitive edge in this economy. [More]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 19. June 2012 07:23
Many people I talk with are having a problem with the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. The perception seems to be that Customer Experience is just a new name for Customer Service. These two are closely related, but they are very different. [More]

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Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

Learn How to Publish Strategic Marketing Plan Content that Educates

by Dave DeVelder 17. May 2012 06:24
Our recent blog on the three elements of a lead generation campaign features a section on the 4C's of which content is the most important. Content strategy must be accomplished through very specific forms of content, not simply through sheer volume. The content must also reflect a strategically laid out marketing plan. [More]

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Sometimes it Just Takes Educating the Customer

by Ed Reiter 9. June 2011 03:19
The best customer is an educated customer. [More]

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Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

It's So Simple, Even They Can Understand It

by Paul Marrero 25. February 2011 14:16
If process improvements are so simple, why does it get ignored by so many business? [More]

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BPM | AuraPortal | Corporate Culture | Customer Experience | General

How does BPM bring transparency to Customer Service

by Ed Reiter 6. October 2010 19:25
Customer Service is the front line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by Customer ... [More]

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