That’s How We’ve Always Done It…

by Paul Marrero 14. October 2014 16:19
In just about every organization I’ve worked at, or consulted with, I tend to hear this phrase when I ask the question “Why is it done this way?” [More]

How Process Excellence Can Help Your Organization Gain a Competitive Edge?

by Paul Marrero 12. July 2012 07:49
Process excellence, standardization and efficiency is a way to save money. Becoming leaner and more efficient will gain you a competitive edge in this economy. [More]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 19. June 2012 07:23
Many people I talk with are having a problem with the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. The perception seems to be that Customer Experience is just a new name for Customer Service. These two are closely related, but they are very different. [More]

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Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

Sometimes it Just Takes Educating the Customer

by Ed Reiter 9. June 2011 03:19
The best customer is an educated customer. [More]

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Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

How does BPM bring transparency to Customer Service

by Ed Reiter 6. October 2010 19:25
Customer Service is the front line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by Customer ... [More]

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BPM | CRM | Customer Experience

Great Customer Service starts with Good Communications.

by Ed Reiter 4. October 2010 08:02
Good customer service starts with good communication between your organization and the customer. A g... [More]

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The worst of Times the Best of Times

by Ed Reiter 15. September 2010 09:44
The other day I had one of those customer experiences that makes you regret ever going into the busi... [More]

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