The worst of Times the Best of Times

by Ed Reiter 15. September 2010 09:44
The other day I had one of those customer experiences that makes you regret ever going into the busi... [More]

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Customer Experience

How does BPM make effective customer relationship management?

by Ed Reiter 8. September 2010 14:33
CRM is the front-line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by the Customer Service o... [More]

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BPM | Customer Experience

Why a BPM Strategy will deliver an Unparalleled Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 2. September 2010 07:11
At first glance Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Experience seem unrelated disciplines... [More]

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BPM | AuraPortal | Customer Experience

What do Customers Expect?

by Ed Reiter 9. April 2010 19:27
All customers expect certain things when they call, or when they come to your business. These expect... [More]


Customer Experience

What a Customer Experience Should Be

by Paul Marrero 8. April 2010 17:02
A great Customer Experience in America exists!! [More]

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Customer Experience

Great Customer Service starts with the Right Attitude

by Ed Reiter 19. March 2010 05:19
We must decide to give every customer our best service, no matter how we feel, whether they deserve ... [More]

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Customer Experience

Are They a Difficult Customer?

by Ed Reiter 9. December 2009 15:48
A few weeks ago our mail server went down. After we brought it back the email address was filled wit... [More]

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Customer Experience


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