Marketing Strategy with Marketing 2.0 Insights

by Dave DeVelder 30. May 2012 03:35
It is exciting to be part of the marketing revolution, the use of internet technology to enhance new revenue creation. This marketing revolution is going to change the way businesses view effective marketing strategies. The Internet is the driver for Marketing 2.0, blurring the traditional line between marketing and sales. It is the catalyst that creates an affordable, effective system for small to medium size organizations to generate revenue never mind whether it is called a marketing plan or sales. [More]

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Build a Lead Generation Marketing Plan on a Budget

by Dave DeVelder 24. May 2012 11:43
Many businesses are calling on consultancies to provide a marketing department management program that gives firms like yours the best of todays lead generation, sales processes, and customer retention at a cost that fits their budget. [More]

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Learn How to Publish Strategic Marketing Plan Content that Educates

by Dave DeVelder 17. May 2012 06:24
Our recent blog on the three elements of a lead generation campaign features a section on the 4C's of which content is the most important. Content strategy must be accomplished through very specific forms of content, not simply through sheer volume. The content must also reflect a strategically laid out marketing plan. [More]

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Marketing Without Strategy is the Noise Before Failure

by Dave DeVelder 10. May 2012 04:04
Strategy and tactics must go hand in hand in order for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum but an effective marketing strategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense. [More]

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Differentiate - How to Find, Use and Include in Marketing Plan Your Firm's Unique Qualities

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:20
The answer to running a successful marketing campaign is using your unique features, advantages and benefits - your differentiators - better than anyone else calling in your market. More importantly, the benefit must match your prospect's values. [More]

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How to Properly Structure a Sales Presentation

by Dave DeVelder 21. March 2012 12:16
A properly designed sales presentation used in the buy step, gives you control of the information presented, reduces the time to close, sets the stage for installation. [More]

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Social Media Intimidates Traditional Sales Type

by Dave DeVelder 8. June 2011 07:14
Lately, I’ve been in a quandary over whether the application of sound sales methods (sales skills) really has a place in our emerging social media driven economy. Recently I almost put the final nail in the selling skills coffin... [More]

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