Social Media Intimidates Traditional Sales Type

by Dave DeVelder 8. June 2011 07:14

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Lately, I’ve been in a quandary over whether the application of sound sales methods (sales skills) really has a place in our emerging social media driven economy. Recently I almost put the final nail in the selling skills coffin when I got caught up in a wave of enthusiasm engulfing the attendees at the “Internet & Technology Summit” here in Tampa, FL.  You see, it was the consensus of opinion of those on the stage that prolific use of social media will sell one’s products without the usual burden of salaries and commissions from employing traditional marketing/sales methods. The audience applauded. I almost drank the Kool Aid - almost but not quit.

Driving back to the office from the meeting, I got to thinking. So, we publish our product & service knowledge under the guise of developing ourselves as “industry experts” motivating likely suspects to push a button and spend money with us. What I don’t understand is how the magic of your words of wisdom shared on the social Internet will assure your new found buyer of a long and prosperous relationship with your organization. To my way of thinking this is what selling today is all about - building customers for life.

You see the path to turning marketing strategies into customers for life begins early in the cycle during the suspect's discovery steps (Know, Like, Trust) as the internet builds positive expectations. After purchase, the life of this customer is measured by how well their purchases from you meets expectations and for how long. Be it one hour after purchase or 1 month or 1 decade, customer for life depends on service delivered by people - you and your associates.  That service starts before the prospect spends the first nickel. Making sure the prospect is right for you and you are right for them which involves answers, thoughtful conversation, uncovered convictions that will make the sale complete thus beginning the customer for life experience. Last I heard computer intelligence did not have the intuitive capabilities to make those decisions.

So, as I neared my office I realizing that completing the sale is a people task and as such my career as a professional salesman is still viable.  Further I though, here is an opportunity to contribute. From now on and quite often, my blog will center on a "sales-person" item that contributes to the customer for life experience. I will be looking for ways that you as the sales person can capitalize, compliment, and complete the marketing strategies of finding people who have a need to Know, Like and Trust you.

Selling is not dead. Rather we now have the opportunity to adapt sales methods to meet the new marketing strategies as it sends us a prospect.

NEXT - Rules for turning the social media suspect into a customer for life are revealed. Talk to you soon

Dave DeVelder,
Revenue Enhancement Consultant

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