How to Properly Structure a Sales Presentation

by Dave DeVelder 21. March 2012 12:16

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A properly designed sales presentation used in the buy step, gives you control of the information presented, reduces the time to close, sets the stage for installation. 

The Sales Presentation is a natural segue to starting a new client phase from the discovery step where you established the face that...   

...the prospect appreciates your value to their firm as elaborated in the previous marketing steps of the HourglassSM, 


...your know specific needs, wants, and pains solvable with your proposal, and have classified this lead as a prospect to be pursued now or one needing further nurturing. 



Based on the info above you will pick one of two presentations in which you will give a measured amount of information designed to pull the prospect towards specific action.

1. The "Taste of Honey" presentation aimed at the prospect that is not quite ready to buy. It is designed to give the prospect a quick overview leading them to a multi faceted nurture program.

2. The "Transaction Prep" presentation is used to prepare a prospect for the buy transaction whether it is taking an order, closing the sale, or setting an appointment to securing a new customer, client, or patient. Let's concentrate on this presentation. More on the "Taste of Honey" at another time.

The "Transaction Prep" presentation structure. 

First off, we are not suggesting that you show up and ram your message down the prospect's throat, rather we are saying that you should have a systematic process to make your primary points. We have found when you do this, you more accurately communicate the key message needed to accomplish your objective. The Transaction Prep Presentation will allow plenty of interaction much like a well-crafted seminar where you are the presenter.  It will include the following:

  • Restating the prospect's situation
  • Identifying the effects of the status quo 
  • Emphasizing why you can provide the solution
    • Your differentator(s)
    • Your story
    • Success stories
    • Anticipated Benefits - ROI 
  • Demonstrating the solution you propose 
  • Close by painting a picture of the future with the problem solved.

Objective of the Transaction Prep Presentation   

You must conclude "Transaction Prep" presentation with either a sale or a commitment on what needs to come next in order to move to a sale. Then you either begin the buy transaction, continue the education phase, or put the prospect in a nurture campaign.

DevCom is knowledgeable in both sales strategy and sales development. For more sales tips on how to properly go about structuring your sales presentation and to see how DevCom can strategically help plan out a sales strategy for your business contact us today. 

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