Differentiate - How to Find, Use and Include in Marketing Plan Your Firm's Unique Qualities

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:20
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The answer to running a successful marketing campaign is using your unique features, advantages and benefits - your differentiators - better than anyone else calling in your market. More importantly, the benefit must match your prospect's values.

"Beauty is in eyes of the beholder," so to speak. The difficult part of this concept is remembering the beholder is not you. It is your prospect.

Here's a couple ideas on how to make sure you are talking in prospect value terms which should be the same as your differentiators.

First find the unique quality you bring to the table

STOP talking about the product in terms other than the value they deliver. No more techie talk, buzz words, acronyms. Think only in terms of customer value.

LOOK at your recent sales wins, at sales lost, at competition to find values that your business community is dealing in.

LISTEN and ask questions, survey your customers, sign up for Google alerts, become the most knowledgeable person about what the market wants and integrate this into a marketing campaign and a marketing plan.

Then communicate in FAB's + Value

Here's a formula for sharing your knowledge on a product or service thus capitalizing on  your unique differentiator. It's called Value thru FAB's and it goes like this. In the buy step, expressing yourself on a value point of interest to the prospect say,

"Because of (product feature)…

You can (action or advantage)…

Which means (benefit)"

i.e., "Because of the lumbar support on this chair you will be less fatigued when working at your desk, which means you will create quality work on time."

Now the kicker...the value statement.

Personal Value...You will leave your work with energy in reserve to enjoy the bowling league game after work. 

Corporate Value...you will have provided a better customer experience.
Just using this concept alone will differentiates you from the masses who want to create a marketing campaign that revolve around all the wonderful features of their product.


Shortens sales cycle:
Simply put, when working with a prospect, if you can not find end user value that is grounded in one of your differentiators than walk from the transaction. Get the names off your pipeline that do not have a strong value proposition predicated on your unique differentiator. Invest you time in developing a marketing campaign that get people who have a need for your differentiators to know, like, and trust you. When you do your projects in the buy step they will close on time.

Narrows focus:
The process of finding your differentiators often leads you to narrowing your focus. Usually you find smaller, highly concentrated markets with a strong vertical influence that will be amenable to your ideas subsequently making a marketing plan super efficient.
It takes strategic planning to include a business’s key selling points in marketing campaign development. For more information on how to integrate your business’s unique selling point into a marketing plan and campaigns, contact DevCom today! 

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