Timing of sale team staffing - A firm's first dedicated sales person

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:12
Job “Successfully recruiting a savvy sales staff...
 ..relies on you not the candidate.” 

Chasing that elusive next step in revenue generation ultimately leads to increasing feet on the street. You may be considering your first foray into managing a salesperson, or you may be moving to your third or fourth sales type, or maybe you've progressed to the point where you have a sales force with a sales manager in place and the dream now is to go regional, national or  global.
Each present new challenges.

Your firm's first sales position hire: Consider this.

  • Really "savvy" sales people expect your time and attention especially in the beginning of their career with your firm. Diminish your expected increased creative time - anticipated byproduct from delegating your sales responsibility - by 50% so you can spend quality time with them.
  • Don't wait until you fail at managing sales people several times to look for a better way. It is costly both in lost sales and in lost good will. Have a plan: a 90 day & a 180 day strategy for a new sales rep entry into your business.
  • No one is so talented as to find the right hire 100% of the time. Depending on your industry turnover rate and your firm's retention success is prepared to make finding "savvy sales people" a routine ongoing tactic.

Good news: more detail on successfully managing new sales people will be cover in blog three.

Hiring the firm's first sales manager:
Just as the hiring decision on a candidate for any position includes understanding their propensity for revenue generation, so also keep in mind during your "savvy sales person" interviewing to look for managerial skills. Building a succession plan that is conducive to employees looking for more responsibility can give you promotion capabilities to sales management from existing staff. That said, revenue production is not a sign of leadership. As a matter of fact, the failure rate of top sale people succeeding at sales management is quite high.

Growing regionally, nationally, and globally may be your present goal for moving to the next revenue frontier in your business. Be thinking of how your present sales processes can be duplicated. This is an area where outside consulting will serve you well. Here are a couple quick thoughts on growing geographically:

  • You might sell thru a direct sale force, a natural extension of your present local sales team. Highest grossing alternative. Very expensive and often a slow process to develop. Can be accomplished by M&A.
  • You might consider working thru a network of resellers or licensees. Lowest initial expense but comes with giving up margin. 
  • A hybrid of direct and licensee. Most control of critical issues. Difficult to manage as prone to conflict.

Part Three Next: The interview, plus work & plan for success of hour new sales person

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