Marketing Strategy with Marketing 2.0 Insights

by Dave DeVelder 30. May 2012 03:35

It is exciting to be part of the marketing revolution, the use of internet technology to enhance new revenue creation. This marketing revolution is going to change the way businesses view effective marketing strategies. The Internet is the driver for Marketing 2.0, blurring the traditional line between marketing and sales. It is the catalyst that creates an affordable, effective system for small to medium size organizations to generate revenue never mind whether it is called a marketing plan or sales.

For instance, the Marketing Hourglass in the Ultimate Marketing system makes use of the internet to education readers about our business while leaving plenty of room for methods to expand and complete the transaction (sale). Then as newly found clients become happy users they rush to create referrals for our business.

Let's not jump to quickly to a state of euphoria over what we hope will be the grand results of Marketing 2.0 for our businesses. Traditional ROI is difficult to establish. We will be challenged by traditional standards - number of leads, sales created, close ratios, etc. It is not dollars invested against revenue created that is the metric used to judge results in the internet.

A new vernacular has evolved. Metrics like website traffic estimation, bounce rates, meta keywords, social media links, are the new norm in marketing metrics. Strange sounding reports that can help us measure the quality of the informational content we make available out on the internet.  It's the desirability of the educational content that must be there to find a prospect in our defined market.

Prospects are best described by a quote from certified consulting, David DeVelder who says, "The fact that one becomes a prospect for our goods and services only when they recognize a need is as true in internet marketing as it is in traditional marketing. We must be in front of our market with value education on a regular basis so when a suspect has a need they can quickly turn to us for a solution."  Persistence is key as it can take time for suspects to find, like and trust us before they respond.

Here are the payoffs - first, every bit of information we put out can stay in play forever on the internet. One differentiator in internet marketing is prospects will come to us from information we posted month's even years earlier. The kicker is we can keep the internet content up to date - no obsolete brochures, price lists, testimonial on prospects desks - so searches on our planned key words will put out current information.

The second big payoff is status on the internet is enhanced with each new piece of information we add. This means more traffic thus more chances to connect with a prospect.

Finally, we can compete with the big boys. Compared to traditional marketing strategy today's internet levels the playing field giving small to medium size organizations more opportunity to succeed in markets where larger brands are prevalent.

Integrating your business into this new internet based marketing strategy can be overwhelming, contact DevCom today for further consolation on developing the correct marketing plan for your business.

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