World’s Worse Excuses to Avoid Business Improvement

by Paul Marrero 20. January 2011 06:21
I recently read an article by Phil Brown, “World’s Worse Excuses to Avoid Business Improvement” which I thought made some good points. In my 30 years in the workforce, I have seen many of these excuses. I too have always tried to improve processes and efficiency at every position I have held, including writing documentation and ac... [More]

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Getting Control of Your Financial Balance Sheet Regardless of Your Cash Flow

by Paul Marrero 7. December 2010 08:44
“How do we, as small businesses, do the best job of making sure we are getting the most out of our tasks and transactions?” One can begin by becoming process centric. There is a discipline out there called “Business Process Management,” or BPM for short. So, what is Business Process Management? There are many definitions ... [More]

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Updating To Sage Abra Payroll version 9

by Ed Reiter 28. October 2010 08:27
This is the time of year when many organizations are preparing to update their payroll software looking to make the switch with the first payroll of 2011. This is the time to run parallel payrolls to make sure everything works as expected. If you use third-party software to import timesheet data this is also the time to make those tests as wel... [More]


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BPM Quote of the Day, October 15, 2010

by Paul Marrero 15. October 2010 11:46
Here is my quote of the day. Stephen Shortell, "For improvement to flourish it must be carefully cultivated in a rich soil bed (a receptive organization), given constant attention (sustained leadership), assured the right amounts of light (training and support) and water (measurement and data) and protected from damaging." Well, actually two quot... [More]

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How does BPM bring transparency to Customer Service

by Ed Reiter 6. October 2010 19:25
Customer Service is the front line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by Customer Service or CRM to guarantee the customer experiences is a positive one every time the customer has a transaction with the organization.  Without the correct processes in place, even the best Customer Service Team cannot provide a consistent expe... [More]

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Great Customer Service starts with Good Communications.

by Ed Reiter 4. October 2010 08:02
Good customer service starts with good communication between your organization and the customer. A good way to begin a relationship with a customer is to find out how the customer wants you to communicate with them then work to improve each and every experience; be-it face-to-face, over the phone, chat, your Website, email or snail mail. The better... [More]

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The worst of Times the Best of Times

by Ed Reiter 15. September 2010 09:44
The other day I had one of those customer experiences that makes you regret ever going into the business to begin with.  I needed to change my wireless service and decided that the regional wireless provider could not handle my needs and I went to a national provider. I won’t say who it was, but they are one of the big guys. I had alr... [More]

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