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Abra2BST allows Sage HRMS users to interface their human resources and payroll data with BST Enterprise from BST Global. With its easy-to-use interface and customization, you will be able to pass your employee data, from HRMS, to BST. The same interface allows you to pass your BST time data to HRMS payroll.

CAASPRE Consulting can also customize Abra2BST to meet your exacting needs and we are continually adding new functionality. Please check back for future updates.

Optional modules for Abra2BST are available

Custom Solutions. Each company has its own unique way of processing Payroll. Custom solutions is an add-on module that gives you much more flexibility in processing your payroll; more than the standard Abra2BST can provide. It allows Abra2BST to run any compiled VFP programs, SQL queries or applications that manipulate the pay data in HRMS.

General Ledger Export. The General Ledger Export module will export the entire payroll entry, liabilities and expenses from Sage Abra for import into BST Enterprise. No more will you have to manually update your BST journal entries.

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Manuals and Documents
Download the Abra2BST Reference Manual here.
Requires Adobe Acrobat.

Abra2BST Workstation Installation Downloads
Download Abra2BST Workstation Installation here.
Requires Abra2BST version 1.4.0 or greater.