System Requirements
  • Recommend Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 Server.
  • Intel i3 1.5 GHz or better
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 50 MB of hard disk space
  • Internet access for updates
  • Licensed copy of Abra Suite 9.0 or greater
Abra2BST Information
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Abra2BST allows Sage Abra users to interface their human resources and payroll data with BST Enterprise from BST Global. With its easy-to-use interface and customization, you will be able to pass your employee data, from Abra, to BST. The same interface allows you to pass your BST time data to Abra payroll.

CAASPRE Consulting can also customize Abra2BST to meet your exacting needs and we are continually adding new functionality. Please check back for future updates.

Abra2BST is also certified as a hosted solution with Applianz Systems. The Applianz system provides the Sage Abra user with features not previously available in any single device from any vendor, regardless of price. Visit Dresser and Associates website for more information.

Optional modules for Abra2BST are available

Custom Solutions. Each company has its own unique way of processing Payroll. Custom solutions is an add-on module that gives you much more flexibility in processing your payroll; more than the standard Abra2BST can provide. It allows Abra2BST to run any compiled VFP programs, SQL queries or applications that manipulate the pay data in Abra.

General Ledger Export. The General Ledger Export module will export the entire payroll entry, liabilities and expenses from Sage Abra for import into BST Enterprise. No more will you have to manually update your BST journal entries.

Have some questions? Review the FAQ here.

Abra2BST Version History Current Version: 2.1.20
12/13/2014 - Released Version 2.1.2 Fixed an issue getting the regular hours earnings codes from HR when multiple rows exist with the same company code and employee number.
08/05/2013 - Released Version 2.1.1 Fixed an issue with the General Ledger Orgel Level Company code XREF.
11/13/2012 - Released Version 2.10 Abra2BST now creates a backup of your preference settings allowing easy migration to a new server.
Added SQL Credentials to access the BST SQL database.
Allows import of the general ledger data directly into BST.
Can now remove data from the BST employee and general ledger import tables.
10/22/2011 - Released Version 2.03 Minor bug fixes.
10/03/2011 - Released Version 2.02
  • Added the ability to use use any Abra organization level as a BST company code.
  • If the organziation levels are used, a cross reference is available.
  • Added the ability the summarize the G/L export file by org levels
  • Other minor bug fixes.
07/05/2011 - Released Version 2.01
  • General Ledger module released.
  • Certified with Windows 8.
  • Includes the ability to use the Journal Entry module.
  • Fixed a defect when Use BST actual hours are checked.

HyperLink View the Abra2BST General Ledger Export Module Instructional Video

05/31/2011 - Released Version 1.5.5 Added a new option to ignore any tax codes that come from BST. Also, changed some verbiage when downloading the updates from the Internet.
05/06/2011 - Released Version 1.5.4 Fixed a defect when selecting actual BST hours when there is additional hours (vacation, sick, etc.).
03/30/2011 - Released Version 1.5.3 When Use Actual BST Hours is selected, the pay frequency is now ignored.
03/24/2011 - Released Version 1.5.2 Provided greater control over printer selection and setting.
Fixed a formatting issue on the Abra Timesheet Report.
02/18/2011 - Released Version 1.5.1 Fixed a defect when an employee has more than one row in the BST export and the Include Adjustments option was enabled. It did not aggregate the total hours.
01/08/2011 - Released Version 1.5.0 Added the ability to calculate the employee's pay rate based on the shift differential.
Added the Import Frequency and Delete before import onto the Abra2BST Command Center.
Other minor updates.
09/25/2010 - Released Version 1.4.1 Fixed a defect when loading Abra2BST for the first time. The error was thrown when creating an index for one of its tables. After quitting and re-loading Abra2BST, the error no longer occured. Fixed.
09/02/2010 - Released Version 1.4.0 Certified with both Abra Versions 7.8x and 9.x.

Defects Fixed:
  • Fixed an issue with some Abra2BST settings that were lost during an update.
  • Fixed an when resetting adjustment codes.
  • Fixed an issue when importing pay data and the BST export file contains more than one row per company and employee
  • Users now have the ability to download Abra2BST updates via the Internet.
  • Added the processing of the shift differential.
  • Added additional company information in the registration window.
  • Added an option to open the Abra2BST Command Center on launch
08/16/2010 - Released Version 1.3.76 Fixed a defect finding some overtime codes when Abra auto numbering is used.
07/06/2010 - Released Version 1.3.75 Fixed a defect with hourly employee regular hours when Use BST Actual Hours is unchecked and there are other hours.
06/30/2010 - Released Version 1.3.74 Certified for use with Abra Version 9

Fixed a defect sending a numeric employee number to Abra Payroll from BST when there are leading zeros.
06/04/2010 - Released Version 1.3.73 Fixed a defect with calculating regular hours when Use BST Actual Hours is unchecked and there are other hours.
03/26/2010 - Released Version 1.3.72 Fixed a defect to allow earnings codes to be imported for terminated employees.
01/12/2010 - Released Version 1.3.71 Added the ability to import the updated work code column added in BST version
12/05/2009 - Released Version 1.3.62 Add support for multi-record custom panels.

Added the expression builder and expression validator to the export file layout.

10/07/2009 - Released Version 1.3.52 Fixed a defect with re-indexing.

Fixed a defect with selecting the correct pay rate when a future pay rate is used.

09/24/2009 - Released Version 1.3.51 Certified for use with Abra Version 7.8

Certified for use with Applianz Systems

08/12/2009 - Released Version 1.3.51 New: Custom Solutions. Allow Abra2BST to manipulate, export or report on specific Abra data.
07/17/2009 - Released Version 1.3.5 Added an option to include or exclude the temp rate.

Added the Custom Solution option to Abra2BST.

06/20/2009 - Released Version 1.3.1 Added an adjustment code option specific to the adjustment line added in 1.3.0. This code and description will appear in the salaried employee's pay line.
04/18/2009 - Released Version 1.3.0 Added the charge date to the Abra timesheet report.

Added the ability to view and print error logs.

Added the ability to include an adjustment line when importing salaried employees.

11/01/2008 - Released Version 1.2.84 Certified for use with Abra Version 7.7.
08/19/2008 - Released Version 1.2.8 Added p_mailstop as a field to store employee overtime codes.

Can now extend the trial period beyond 14 days.

Updated the thermo bar label in the Abra report to display Abra2BST. Changed the Import Frequency Name from Biweekly to PayCycle (which is more indicative of what it does).

Also added a fix to the preference file if Biweekly is stored in the pref table, change to PayCycle.

Fixed a defect with the overpayment in the new Abra report.


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