All organizations work using processes...Although, they may not know it.

The next step is to manage and automate these processes.

You can use one system that interacts with employees, applications and other third-parties, such as suppliers and clients. The AuraPortal system automates these processes through its BPM life cycle:

Modeling, Execution, Monitoring and Optimization.

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We feel software should be a tool that helps, not hinder, your productivity and profitability. That is why CAASPRE Consulting has chosen AuraPortal as our BPM solution of choice.

AuraPortal is unique in that it covers not only process modeling, process execution and monitoring, which are typical of BPMS solutions, but it also offers a full set of CRM and Supply Chain Management (SCM) features, Intranet and Extranet collaboration functions and a versatile Document Management system based on Microsoft SharePoint. These functions can be linked with Accounts, Project Management, Costs, Revenue, Items and many other data elements which can be accessed through web portals for both internal and external content interaction.

Download the AuraPortal brochure

"AuraPortal has been defined as
the next generation BPMS
thanks to its innovative features."

What the Top Analysts Say About AuraPortal
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“AuraPortal is the example of Next Generation BPMS.”
(Gartner –Magic Quadrant, 2007 and 2009)

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“AuraPortal is one of the most complete and advanced BPMS solutions on the market, backed up by a financially strong company with a large number of satisfied customers of all sizes working with the product for several years.” (BPTrends–BPM Suites Report, 2010)

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“AuraPortal excels in OVUM’s technology assessment study which was set by a highly competitive field”. “The vendor has demonstrated that its BPM platform can support complex processes and high throughput scenarios.” (OVUM –Decision Matrix on BPM Vendors, 2010)

AuraPortal can perform any kind of process modeling. It uses the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Standard, as adopted by the Object Management Group (OMG) and can execute the model, all without any programming. So business users are now free to concentrate on their business and processes instead of waiting days or weeks for their IT staff to complete what they thought was communicated to them.

AuraPortal is a real Business Process Platform where a set of six essential modules share the same environment in a seamless integration. This set may constitute the true backbone of your enterprise, so that it can be said that AuraPortal is, without doubt:

A Gold Asset

Its holistic conception covers not only the process modeling, execution and monitoring, typical of BPMS tools, but also a full CRM set of functionalities built on Process Patterns as well as SCM features, which is also based on Process Patterns.

AuraPortal contains a powerful communication and collaboration platform for employees and external agents and a versatile Document Management system that can link and connect with Accounts, Project Management, Cost, Revenues, Items and Areas.

AuraPortal's process models are greatly strengthened when used in combination with an independent Business Rules system. This gives you greater flexibility and capacity to adapt to changes.

There are four primary stages of a BPM System:

  • Modeling

  • Execution

  • Monitoring

  • Optimization

AuraPortal is a 100 percent, web-based, SOA application built on top of Microsoft technologies. Its Service Oriented Architecture includes the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and built on SOAP technology.

The modeler integrates with Microsoft Visio specifically adapted to provide automatic process execution from the diagram. The user designs simple, or complex, process models, easily and quickly, and AuraPortal's process engine carries out the workflow.

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