AuraPortal can access any information that resides in the databases of other applications using our Adapters. The Adapters are included in the AuraPortal Adapters Server.

An Adapter is a mechanism that allows the following connection operation with external databases:

Import. The Adapter reads the information in the external database, then copies it and stores it in the AuraPortal database.

Export. The Adapter takes information generated in AuraPortal and saves it in the external database.

The activation and use of the Adapters is carried out by the Process Engine when executing an Object (for example, a Task, an Event or a Gateway) that requires a connection with an external database.

When a Process Class is created, each Object defines what is needed and used.

AuraPortal Adapter Process

For example, in the above image, suppose that inside an AuraPortal Process there is a Divergent Gateway that must know the present state of the balance of a customer. This data is in the database (accounts) of an external application, say SAP, Navision or Oracle.

When designing the Gateway it should indicate the Customer’s Balance, which is found in the division Prefix.Suffix of the Dictionary of Terms. In this Dictionary exists the term Customer.Balance that is connected to the ERP application where this information is maintained.

All these processes are carried out by the Process Engine using a Business Rule. In the case of the Gateway, instead of directly obtaining this value, it only invokes a Business Rules that contains the conditions to obtain the value.

The communication between the Adapters and Processes are carried out using Web Services that are built into AuraPortal. Each Adapter serves to connect an external application such as SAP.

AuraPortal Adapter Server
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