Business Process Management Strategy
What is Business Process Mangement?

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

“Business Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.”

Business Process Management (BPM)

“Business Process Management is a management approach focused on aligning all aspects of an organization’s wants and needs that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology.”

The Result

The Result

“Business Process Improvement and BPM enable organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. “

BPM Strategy Synopsis

The best software in the world cannot magically transform your company. BPM is about first understanding the concept, ruthlessly exploring all facets of the processes and working on making them as efficient as possible. CAASPRE Consulting looks at BPM as a strategy first, then a pathway to information technology.

During this process, we begin by conducting a BPM analysis followed by looking at the boundaries and scope. We will then look at the big-picture and map out the human element. Additionally, culture plays a key element in a successful BPM implementation. Employees are one of the best sources of information since they are involved in the everyday processes. Employees can also suggest improvements and feel employee involvement is crucial to ensuring a successful BPM implementation.

CAASPRE Consulting will work with your company on governance and monitoring; fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Business Process Management software plays an integral part of the solution, but only after the analysis, scope and improving the process. CAASPRE Consulting’s distinct solution allows businesses to automate their processes not only to save money, time and deliver value through a real, return on investment (ROI), but to also provide an unparalleled Customer Experience; one which will be the eventual differentiator in a very competitive market.

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What are the Benefits of BPM? What are the Benefits of BPM?

Business Process Management creates incredible efficiency gains as the technology does most of the work. No longer will an invoice sit in someone’s inbox or the process knowledge leave the company with an employee.

The three key advantages that BPM bring are:

1.      Transparency

2.      Process Refinement

3.      Centralization of Data

Business Process Management can also drive corroboration, control approvals and log data at a detail level. There could be a mix of human interaction, system validation and Enterprise application interfaces conducted by the process so that the organization flows succinctly.

BPM System Software

CAASPRE Consulting endorses AuraPortal as our BPM System of choice. AuraPortal is 100 percent Microsoft based, utilizing the .NET framework, SQL Server, SharePoint and Visio.

AuraPortal allows business users to deliver a solution that creates Business Process Workflow Execution Models without programming. Further, AuraPortal is web based and SOA, business rules are independent of the processes, follows the BPMN standard, it complements existing ERP systems, intranet collaboration, enterprise content management (including portals), document management, CRM process patterns and more.

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