Custom Application Development Can Increase Your Bottom Line

When off-the-shelf software does not work, or non-existent, custom software is written to specifically fit your exact needs. Custom software can streamline your business, allowing you to provide better service to your customers and save you time and money.

If you find yourself storing critical business data in Worksheets or Access databases scattered throughout your organization, or performing repetitive tasks that can be automated, you might consider a custom application.

Why use CAASPRE Consulting for development?
Because our consultants develop solutions!

Our consultants are experienced professionals whom ensure a successful implementation at your firm. Our process is methodical and allows us to work with individuals in your firm from the beginning stages through post implementation. No two solutions are exactly the same. We will define your requirements and determine the appropriate course of action for your particular needs.

Our staff has years of experience writing commercial and custom software. We use industry-standard development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio .NET, Visual FoxPro, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server coupled with our tried-and-true methodologies and standards. We provide solutions to fit your needs.

How much does it cost?

Since no two projects are ever exactly the same, it is difficult to give a price until we have discussed the scope and design of the application.

How soon will I see a return on our investment?

Again, it is difficult to determine the return until we determine the cost. It is not uncommon, however, to see a return in under 12 months.

Do you offer a guarantee of work?

Yes. CAASPRE Consulting guarantees its work for 30 days after the product has been delivered, free of charge. If all items described in the approved, functional requirements do not meet the agreed-upon specifications, we will make all reasonable attempts to rectify any discrepancies within the 30-day period (even if the attempts exceed 30 days). Who else does that?

Do you manage your projects to stay on task and on target?

CAASPRE Consulting offers the ability to monitor the project via a web-based project management tool. This allows customers to view the project’s progress as well as collaborate with us. Our project management system includes a wiki section with the ability to track defects, features and incidents. We have implemented incident tracking for other projects by providing a dedicated email address that sends any system incidents or defects to our project management database.

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