Document Management
Document Management

The Document Management functionality of AuraPortal is one of the most powerful, comprehensive and flexible that can be found. AuraPortal is 100 percent Microsoft based and is optimized for use with the Windows operating systems.

With “Base Documents,” AuraPortal’s functionality that permits the preparation of documents that serves as a template for the automatic creation of documents with variable data of a business process. The design of the Base Documents two different editors can be used, HTML or Microsoft Word.

HTML is included in AuraPortal so no additional software is necessary. However, if want to create complex documents, use Word.

Amazing Features

Some of its functions and aspects are:

Automatic creation of libraries. Automatic creation and classified storing is an exclusive AuraPortal tool.

Numerous formats. The documents do not need to be text or images. Templates, forms, lists, tables are all handled.

Revision and Approval. Revisions and approvals are established, simple or complex, sequential or in parallel.

Sign with digital signatures in the documents. Incorporates procedures for certified digital signatures.

Archives. Preconfigured or user-defined archival libraries are used for easy retrieval.

 Links. Individual document as well as libraries can be linked to other elements within the system.

Versions. Revisions to items or files enable you to better manage content, even if you have to restore a previous version. Versioning is especially helpful when several people work together on projects or when information goes through several stages of development and review.

Subscription. If a document is modified, the system alerts all users in the subscriber list.

Discussions. It is also possible for various users to discuss a document while it is being developed.

Searches. Facilitates many types of searches: By name or part of it, by field properties (author, creation date, consignee, size, etc.), by content (just indicate a portion of the text), and also by customizable filters defined by the user.

Comment Logs make it possible for everything about document to be known, even if this information is not in the text or the properties of the document.

Documents grouped by record, project and areas with the purpose of controlling costs.

 Security. Access is controlled and restricted to the users who have permissions. Five levels of access are established by default (these can be extended): Create, Read, Update, Delete and Approve.

Large capacity. AuraPortal supports up to 2 million documents per library and up to 1,000 libraries. Creation, revision and entry of documents. Documents can be created in any system, either with an editor or using a reader with OCR (scanner + character recognition) that I built into AuraPortal.

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