AuraPortal has a complete integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality and operations into an enterprise-wise BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) by means of Process Patterns.

Process Patterns are classes of processes of prepared by AuraPortal, or its partners, that contain the structure for ensuring smooth and effective operations related to a given subject or particular environment. In other words, a Process Pattern is like a ready-to-wear suit. You buy it finished and ready to be used. Only the details strictly related to the user’s specific circumstances need to be defined.

With CRM, AuraPortal has developed four Process Patterns that cover the requirements of a complete CRM application as indicated below.

Marketing Automation


Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns includes general and direct marketing to prospects and customers (up-selling and cross-selling) in a variety of marketing channels.


Sales Opportunities Follow Up

Follow up with sales force coordination and the automation of offer documents creation and tracking.

Process Patterns for Marketing Automation

Service Automation

Wide Interactive Platform


The Wide Interactive Platform (WIP) allows for communication and collaboration with various external agents like customers, suppliers and visitors using the Web and Email. It is a very powerful and automated environment using Web 2.0 features. The WIP can handle nearly an unlimited amount of items.

Call Center


This Process Pattern takes care of the services provided to customers via a centralized phone/fax/email/tasks etc. system. There are different ways to give support to this Process Pattern and therefore they are not described here. If you have interest on this Process Pattern contact AuraPortal, Commercial Division.

Process Patterns for Service Automation
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