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Premiere, Inc. of New Iberia, LA has a very complex payroll compounded by rapid growth and disparate systems. CAASPRE Consulting was able to create a custom solution that allowed them to save time, dramatically improve accuracy and eliminate disparate systems.  Read on...

“…Paul Marrero, from CAASPRE Consulting, was instrumental from 2005 to 2007 in writing critical accounting reports from our project management and accounting system. Three basic reports were created, with the flexibility to display in several groupings. The reports were complex and very little information about the data elements was documented."

"These reports allowed me to engage project managers in project profitability discussions and planning sessions, forecast future revenues and staffing needs and improve the timeliness of client invoicing."

"Paul also helped us move data between our HR/Payroll system to our Project Management and Accounting systems - two very disparate systems. The project was implemented in a week, and the few issues encountered were quickly resolved. This saved my department countless hours in double entry."

"I would recommend Paul and CAASPRE Consulting for any of your reporting and data integration needs."

Gary Hainz, Chief Financial Officer
Biological Research Associates, LLC - Tampa, FL

Paul Marrero, of CAASPRE Consulting, mastered one of the longest learning curves in the not-for-profit sector at Liberty Resources, Inc. The center was provided with value added services from the start.

Paul came to Liberty Resources, Inc in the middle of 2006 as an IT consultant. Under contract he provided the center with a program for Accounts Receivables/Billing which saved Liberty Resources, Inc. multi-millions of dollars. This program has been enhanced with many additional bells and whistles that kept the savings continuing.

Paul is working a Financial Management System project. This will make possible accountability for attendant labor hours and payroll, give greater accuracy for labor time to be billed and reporting and the ability to find fraud and stop it.

Paul has also been instrumental in working with the IT Director and department staff to make the IT department state of the art. Paul brings with him not only professional ability but the ability to teach and, most important, to listen. Paul is meticulous in his work and meets deadlines. Paul also has the transferable skills to walk into a new situation and grasp what is needed in a project.

Liberty Resources, Inc. is pleased with what Paul has brought to the center. We look forward to continued accomplishments by Paul for Liberty Resources, Inc.

Murray L. Rosenman, Chief Financial Officer
Liberty Resources, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

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