What is Business Process Management?

by Paul Marrero 24. August 2010 16:18
Review of article What is Business Process Management from the Technology Evalution Centers. [More]

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BPM | Corporate Culture

How BPM can help Human Resources

by Ed Reiter 22. June 2010 08:38
Have you ever lost out on a preferred candidate because your hiring process was so slow that a compe... [More]

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Why BPM?

by Paul Marrero 3. June 2010 09:39
Why BPM? Process Improvements can usually generate huge savings and increase the bottom line in a relatively short amount of time. [More]

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BPM | Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

“Busy as Usual?” Maybe BPM Can Help.

by Paul Marrero 23. April 2010 11:32
If I had a dollar for every time I heard “We're busy, as usual,” I think I would have en... [More]

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Why Do BPM Projects Fail?

by Paul Marrero 23. April 2010 11:26
Why Do BPM Projects Fail? Here are some thoughts. [More]

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Is BPM the New Workflow?

by Ed Reiter 6. April 2010 05:59
BPM is the New Workflow [More]

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