How to get the Most Out of Interviewing and Integrating a New Sales Person

by Dave DeVelder 4. April 2012 15:18
Whether interviewing a found talent or an open position candidate, a defined interview process will pay back dividends as opposed to treating each Interview as a chat with a stranger. Here are some thoughts:

  • The interview is a Marketing Opportunity. If not as a future employee, you may be interviewing a potential client or referral agent. The interview experience will be told to several people - you want it to be a great advertisement for your firm.
  •  Have an objective for the interview - know where you want the interview to go. 
  • Know the post interview step(s) you will take regardless of the outcome.
  • Work to a time deadline. Initial interview should last 30 minutes at the most.
  • Candidate should do 80% of the talking. 
  • Ask open ended questions. 
  • Listen, Listen, Listen and Listen some more.
  • Observe non verbal language
  • Learn effective interviewing techniques. Here's a good article on the subject.

    The candidate has accepted, you're both excited about going to work with each other. Now your recruiting job is over. NOT it's been said before in this treatise - never stop recruiting. Why? You don't want the gun to you head if the new employee doesn't work out. The decision to cut your losses will be easier and much less expensive if you have a candidate in the wings. 

That's the negative side of a new hire. Let's build a formula for success of your new "savvy sales staff" member. 

Here's a couple ideas for your formula:
  • Have a 90 day spread sheet plan where you concentrate on five points of what it will take to succeed at your firm;
  • The sales person will have a daily agenda learning how to be successful at your business doing the tasks at which you know he must be proficient;
  • Do NOT expect revenue in the first 90 day period as it is more important for you to see her follow thru on the chores you have assigned in the plan;
  • Be ready to terminate the new sales employee if you see to much resistance to any part of the five points;
  • Make a similar decision at 180 days this time DO base it on revenue production;
  • Redouble your recruiting during the formula to facilitate making a move quickly if necessary.

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I hope you got a tip or two from the three blog on Recruiting Your Savvy Sales Staff. Love to hear your comments below.

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