Recruit the Right Sales Skills and Implement the Right Sales Development Process

by Dave DeVelder 2. April 2012 07:10

First of three parts - Looking For Applicants

 Recruiting a savvy sales staff relies on you creating a corporate culture that makes business exciting, challenging and rewarding for employees. Additionally, people are not attracted to a boring business so you must find those several items that differentiate your firm from others in your industry.

To attract talented people, make your firm a talked about business. Expand on your differentiators to include your company story.

"Most talked about businesses rely on a story that reveals the essence of what they stand for or how they are different. Their core story is compelling, captivating, and easy to retell. It is attractive to customers... and to potential employees," say John Jantsch, author and well known small business marketing expert.

Develop a two step recruiting campaign where you create and publish content that attracts candidates much like your two step digital marketing campaign gets people with a need to call you for your services. At very least make it obvious in your internet marketing that you are always interested in talented people looking for an exciting career.

Never stop recruiting. Recruiting is a never-ending task even when you have a full staff. Constantly keep eyes open for talent. Act when you find talent - hire them - even if you have to create a position for them. Recruiting only when you need someone is an act of desperation resulting in lost revenue, high expense, and chaos. 

Just as with marketing the rule of "implied need" comes into play. People will react to your recruiting when they need you not necessarily when you need them. The success driven people you want as sale people are always open to opportunities but they don't make a move until that move fits their game plan. So be out there with your story when talent feels the need to look for new opportunities.

Begin planning for your need for savvy sales people by doing several things:

  • Build a succession plan - shows candidates a career path
  • Create entry level positions - hire from within by advancement of employees
  • Build a selling culture - employees will sponsor savvy sales people


Contact Devcom to see how we can find the right sales skills and ensure you team is built with the right sales development process and sales techniques to succeed.

Part Two: Timing of sale team staffing - A firm's first dedicated sales person
Part Three: The interview work & plan for success of new sales person

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