How to Properly Structure a Sales Presentation

by Dave DeVelder 21. March 2012 12:16
A properly designed sales presentation used in the buy step, gives you control of the information presented, reduces the time to close, sets the stage for installation. [More]

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Social Media Intimidates Traditional Sales Type

by Dave DeVelder 8. June 2011 07:14
Lately, I’ve been in a quandary over whether the application of sound sales methods (sales skills) really has a place in our emerging social media driven economy. Recently I almost put the final nail in the selling skills coffin... [More]

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Simple Business/Marketing Planning

by Dave DeVelder 21. April 2011 03:39
A Business Plan Should Be A Living Document. Used, Abused, Read, Cursed and Update Every Day!! Knowing how and when to use Strategies and Tactics makes it possible to keep you annual plan from gathering dust on the self. [More]

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