Great Customer Service starts with Good Communications.

by Ed Reiter 4. October 2010 08:02

Good customer service starts with good communication between your organization and the customer. A good way to begin a relationship with a customer is to find out how the customer wants you to communicate with them then work to improve each and every experience; be-it face-to-face, over the phone, chat, your Website, email or snail mail. The better the experience the customer has, the better the relationship and the better for your business.

Listening to your customers and finding out what they really want and need is the simplest way to gain the trust required to form a truly positive relationship. Remembering people's names, thanking them for their business, noticing things that that they need or that need complimenting are also ways to enhance communications. Remember things they tell you about their family or their past experiences are also important to developing a relationship.  This is where your CRM Software can help.  Use the journal or the area setup to record this type information. 

Developing a process to find and record information during each customer contact is also helpful.  Using a Business Process Management (BPM) strategy helps the organization constantly improves how it develops customer relationships, by consistently communicating with the customer the same way and constantly improving how those communication take place.  It also make the recording of information gained from these contacts antso future contacts are soft and positive for the customer.

Excellent Customer Service begins with a positive attitude, and that attitude begins with our fellow employees being treated the way we want our customers treated.  Treating everyone the way we want to be treated is the simple idea behind great customer service. Knowing that our fellow employees are also our customer is the second half of this equation.

It has long been our motto at CAASPRE Consulting, that customer service is treating everyone the way you want to be treated, or treating the customer the way you would treat your best friend, if you were doing business with them.

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