It's So Simple, Even They Can Understand It

by Paul Marrero 25. February 2011 14:16

I recently came across some notes that I jotted down on my daughter’s school note paper. It was a bunch of scribbled notes to try to explain to my grandparents what exactly I do for a living, other than sit in front of a computer and get paid for it. I was attempting to write down what Business Process Management (BPM) is in terms that they could understand.

Who has processes? Well, everyone. Here’s something that they can relate to. You have a bodega. You sell groceries, sandwiches and the like. Customers buy your goods. But you have to buy these goods from a supplier, or suppliers, in order to sell in your store. How do you order your goods? Well, that’s  a process. Do you need a major software package to handle this? Probably not.

It is not about software, but how well you carry out your process. It's about how you are able to provide the same service consistently. It's about treating others with respect and dignity - Every time. It's about continuously looking at ways to improve and creating efficiencies. The software helps when you have become too large to manually handle the load. When there is more than XX number of people handling the process between XX number of departments, locations and such. Some food for thought.

Until next time.

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