Your Culture Is Your Own Worst Enemy

by Paul Marrero 19. November 2014 17:04

Imagine visiting a customer to show them how great your system is to order your products online only to find that you need immediate assistance because an issue arises. The only person that can help you right away is someone in IT.

The process is, you put in a support ticket, tickets get prioritized, etc. then we’ll work on your issue. In this case, the sales rep was onsite with a customer and they needed immediate help. The process failed because this person decided to follow their typical protocol.

Knowing the company, the culture of the organization is such that customers are those people who order our goods and services which in turn provide us with our paycheck. In reality, a customer is everyone you come in contact with, whether internal or external.

What happened in this scenario is an unstructured process. Conventional wisdom would dictate that a customer was in need of help and so were your support staff, yet no help came. Did the company lose a sale, and future sales? Now multiply this by 100 times. 

Once upper management identifies that there is a serious problem of process inconsistencies, lack of customer focus (actually not knowing who the customer is) and piss-poor attitudes that roam the halls, nothing will change. You cannot have sound processes with a dysfunctional culture. Work on the culture, watch your processes improve. When processes improve, so will the bottom line.


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