“Busy as Usual?” Maybe BPM Can Help.

by Paul Marrero 23. April 2010 11:32
If I had a dollar for every time I heard “We're busy, as usual,” I think I would have enough money to retire. When I hear this phrase, I have to wonder why. Why are people so busy that bathroom breaks are a rare luxury? Let us explore some possibilities. Possibility 1: Critical business systems are spread throughout various disparate da... [More]

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Why Do BPM Projects Fail?

by Paul Marrero 23. April 2010 11:26
Why Do BPM Projects Fail? Here are some thoughts. [More]

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What do Customers Expect?

by Ed Reiter 9. April 2010 19:27
All customers expect certain things when they call, or when they come to your business. These expectations are the basis of all good support or customer service by making the customer experience pleasant and hassle free. This is often the difference you have over your competitors.The first thing customers want is the service you are providing to be... [More]


Customer Experience

What a Customer Experience Should Be

by Paul Marrero 8. April 2010 17:02
A great Customer Experience in America exists!! [More]

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Customer Experience

CAASPRE Consulting adds blogging

by Paul Marrero 6. April 2010 06:12
CAASPRE Consulting is pleased to announce the integration of our blogging system. We decided to use BlogEngine as our blogging engine. We picked it primarily because of it is built using Microsoft's .NET Framework and also the use of SQL Server as its database. Our blogs will consist primarily of, but not limited to, Business Process Mana... [More]

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Is BPM the New Workflow?

by Ed Reiter 6. April 2010 05:59
BPM is the New Workflow [More]

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