Are You Working Too Hard For Your Payroll?

by Paul Marrero 23. March 2011 09:30
Make Abra2BST work more efficiently for you. [More]

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Applicant Tracking, Human Resources and AuraPortal BPMS

by Paul Marrero 16. March 2011 08:26
AuraPortal uses its advanced technology of its portals and processes to help organizations find the most qualified associates by streamlining the hiring process. Job vacancies, applicant tracking and coordination with members of the human resource staff, and the organization, can now be achieved seamlessly. The employment selection, hiring process ... [More]

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It Is Time to Update.

by Ed Reiter 7. March 2011 07:58
Our latest version of Abra2BST version 1.5.1 is available to all customers with a current support agreement. This version is compatible with both Abra versions 7.8x and 9.0x. It has several new features and corrects some defects in our earlier versions.  An update notice will be sent to all current customers in Mid-March 2011. This spring... [More]


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