The worst of Times the Best of Times

by Ed Reiter 15. September 2010 09:44
The other day I had one of those customer experiences that makes you regret ever going into the business to begin with.  I needed to change my wireless service and decided that the regional wireless provider could not handle my needs and I went to a national provider. I won’t say who it was, but they are one of the big guys. I had alr... [More]

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How does BPM make effective customer relationship management?

by Ed Reiter 8. September 2010 14:33
CRM is the front-line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by the Customer Service or CRM to guarantee the customer experiences is a positive one every time they have a transaction with the organization.  Without the correct processes in place, even the best Customer Service Team cannot provide a consistent experience to the or... [More]

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Best Practices when Updating Software Versions

by Ed Reiter 2. September 2010 07:54
Here are some words of wisdom for Best Practices when Updating Software Versions [More]

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Why a BPM Strategy will deliver an Unparalleled Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 2. September 2010 07:11
At first glance Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Experience seem unrelated disciplines. Nothing could be further from the truth. To achieve an unparalleled Customer Experience, an organization must consistently deliver superior customer service. To do that, the organization must have detailed, documented processes in place that allow... [More]

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