Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 19. June 2012 07:23
Many people I talk with are having a problem with the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. The perception seems to be that Customer Experience is just a new name for Customer Service. These two are closely related, but they are very different. [More]

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Sometimes it Just Takes Educating the Customer

by Ed Reiter 9. June 2011 03:19
The best customer is an educated customer. [More]

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Corporate Culture | Customer Experience

It Is Time to Update.

by Ed Reiter 7. March 2011 07:58
Our latest version of Abra2BST version 1.5.1 is available to all customers with a current support agreement. This version is compatible with both Abra versions 7.8x and 9.0x. It has several new features and corrects some defects in our earlier versions.  An update notice will be sent to all current customers in Mid-March 2011. This spring... [More]


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“Back to the Future”

by Ed Reiter 9. February 2011 07:11
Yesterday I woke up to find I had made it to 60 years old.  In my case 60 years young. As I reflected on my 40 plus years of working in various career fields, I came to realize that for most of these years a common theme had been present and the focus on this theme have brought me to this point in my life and career.  That theme is &ldquo... [More]


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Updating To Sage Abra Payroll version 9

by Ed Reiter 28. October 2010 08:27
This is the time of year when many organizations are preparing to update their payroll software looking to make the switch with the first payroll of 2011. This is the time to run parallel payrolls to make sure everything works as expected. If you use third-party software to import timesheet data this is also the time to make those tests as wel... [More]


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How does BPM bring transparency to Customer Service

by Ed Reiter 6. October 2010 19:25
Customer Service is the front line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by Customer Service or CRM to guarantee the customer experiences is a positive one every time the customer has a transaction with the organization.  Without the correct processes in place, even the best Customer Service Team cannot provide a consistent expe... [More]

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Great Customer Service starts with Good Communications.

by Ed Reiter 4. October 2010 08:02
Good customer service starts with good communication between your organization and the customer. A good way to begin a relationship with a customer is to find out how the customer wants you to communicate with them then work to improve each and every experience; be-it face-to-face, over the phone, chat, your Website, email or snail mail. The better... [More]

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