How does BPM make effective customer relationship management?

by Ed Reiter 8. September 2010 14:33
CRM is the front-line contact with the customer. BPM is the main tool used by the Customer Service or CRM to guarantee the customer experiences is a positive one every time they have a transaction with the organization.  Without the correct processes in place, even the best Customer Service Team cannot provide a consistent experience to the or... [More]

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Best Practices when Updating Software Versions

by Ed Reiter 2. September 2010 07:54
Here are some words of wisdom for Best Practices when Updating Software Versions [More]

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Why a BPM Strategy will deliver an Unparalleled Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 2. September 2010 07:11
At first glance Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Experience seem unrelated disciplines. Nothing could be further from the truth. To achieve an unparalleled Customer Experience, an organization must consistently deliver superior customer service. To do that, the organization must have detailed, documented processes in place that allow... [More]

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What is Business Process Management?

by Paul Marrero 24. August 2010 16:18
Review of article What is Business Process Management from the Technology Evalution Centers. [More]

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How BPM can help Human Resources

by Ed Reiter 22. June 2010 08:38
Have you ever lost out on a preferred candidate because your hiring process was so slow that a competitor made the offer, completed the hiring process and had the person on board before you could make an offer? Wonder how much that cost you?    Additionally, many organizations spend a substantial amount of their budget on personnel exp... [More]

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Why BPM?

by Paul Marrero 3. June 2010 09:39
Why BPM? Process Improvements can usually generate huge savings and increase the bottom line in a relatively short amount of time. [More]

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“Busy as Usual?” Maybe BPM Can Help.

by Paul Marrero 23. April 2010 11:32
If I had a dollar for every time I heard “We're busy, as usual,” I think I would have enough money to retire. When I hear this phrase, I have to wonder why. Why are people so busy that bathroom breaks are a rare luxury? Let us explore some possibilities. Possibility 1: Critical business systems are spread throughout various disparate da... [More]

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