That’s How We’ve Always Done It…

by Paul Marrero 14. October 2014 16:19
In just about every organization I’ve worked at, or consulted with, I tend to hear this phrase when I ask the question “Why is it done this way?” [More]

How Process Excellence Can Help Your Organization Gain a Competitive Edge?

by Paul Marrero 12. July 2012 07:49
Process excellence, standardization and efficiency is a way to save money. Becoming leaner and more efficient will gain you a competitive edge in this economy. [More]

Case Management The flexibility that businesses need

by Scott Rich 9. November 2011 15:48
Dynamic Case Management (DCM) makes it possible to manage cases as a whole and affects a major part of administrative activities in all entities. [More]

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Back From Microsoft Convergence

by Paul Marrero 29. April 2011 12:18
Dynamics users spoke to CAASPRE Consulting about their integration issues at Convergence 2011. [More]

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Gartner Analyst Q&A: The BPM Value Creation Engine That Drives High-Performing Businesses

by Paul Marrero 28. January 2011 04:12
CAASPRE Consulting cites Gartner Analyst Michele Cantara on Q&A: The BPM value creation engine that drives high-performing businesses. [More]

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