Your Culture Is Your Own Worst Enemy

by Paul Marrero 19. November 2014 17:04
Your company culture sucks [More]


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That’s How We’ve Always Done It…

by Paul Marrero 14. October 2014 16:19
In just about every organization I’ve worked at, or consulted with, I tend to hear this phrase when I ask the question “Why is it done this way?” [More]

Defining your Business Process Management Strategy

by Paul Marrero 20. April 2013 13:00
The best software in the world cannot magically transform your company. Business Process Management (BPM) is about first understanding the concept, ruthlessly exploring all facets of the processes and working on making them as efficient as possible. [More]

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How Process Excellence Can Help Your Organization Gain a Competitive Edge?

by Paul Marrero 12. July 2012 07:49
Process excellence, standardization and efficiency is a way to save money. Becoming leaner and more efficient will gain you a competitive edge in this economy. [More]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

by Ed Reiter 19. June 2012 07:23
Many people I talk with are having a problem with the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. The perception seems to be that Customer Experience is just a new name for Customer Service. These two are closely related, but they are very different. [More]

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Marketing Strategy with Marketing 2.0 Insights

by Dave DeVelder 30. May 2012 03:35
It is exciting to be part of the marketing revolution, the use of internet technology to enhance new revenue creation. This marketing revolution is going to change the way businesses view effective marketing strategies. The Internet is the driver for Marketing 2.0, blurring the traditional line between marketing and sales. It is the catalyst that creates an affordable, effective system for small to medium size organizations to generate revenue never mind whether it is called a marketing plan or sales. [More]

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Build a Lead Generation Marketing Plan on a Budget

by Dave DeVelder 24. May 2012 11:43
Many businesses are calling on consultancies to provide a marketing department management program that gives firms like yours the best of todays lead generation, sales processes, and customer retention at a cost that fits their budget. [More]

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